NFS PS: Patch released! [Update] Tuesday, 18.12.2007
NFS Pro StreetThe » anounced patch for Need for Speed ProStreet was finally released today. There are no release-notes yet, but according to earlier statements from EA, it should contain several bugfixes and the long awaited LAN-mode.

With more than 200 MB it's a quite big patch, which you can download from the EA server on the following page. The files will be available on our servers soon.

Please note the difference between the DVD- and the EA Store Version. Most of you will need the DVD-patch, in case you own the DVD. ;)

The patch contains the » Booster Pack, which is presented as a christmas present from EA and Coke Zero for all gamers. The Booster Pack contains two new tracks, new events, and an extended career mode. So you can find there the new cars 2007 SEAT Leon Cupra and 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, as well as the certified Porsche test track in Leipzig and the Tokyo Expressway in Japan.

Update 2:
As it seems the previous published patch files were only for european versions of NFS ProStreet, because now EA released another patch file, which seems to be for the US versions. Download in the patch-section.

» NFS PS: Patch
» NFS PS: Patch Release Notes

» Order Need for Speed ProStreet at
» Order Need for Speed ProStreet at
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Comments (34)

#34: von jlgg (26.08.2016 07:59) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

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#33: von jacob56 (29.04.2016 08:16) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
wow, that's really amazing post.

#32: von sgtskid (25.12.2007 23:09) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
what a jip

we were promiced 16 cars on the booster pack. all we got was 2. where are the other 14. bought the code for the upgrade have the patch and still that is only 7 cars. with the upgrade you get 5 and the booster was suppose to have 16 cars abd 2 more tracks. WHERE ARE THE THER 14 CARS YOU RIP OFF ARTIST

#31: von xxx17romn (20.12.2007 21:37) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

thx hizack ,,, own ya ....

#30: von WOOF (20.12.2007 17:42) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
download patch

download patch from gamershell it is full patch 239MB
it will work on all pc s.......but first thing to do is reinstal the game then when is insaled run the patch .......and it will work

url to the patch: many thanks to me

#29: von hizack (20.12.2007 15:42) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
To xxx17romn:
Go to gamecopyworld

#28: von xxx17romn (20.12.2007 11:16) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

ok i have istalled the patch ..... but the game is still the version 1.0 ,,,,, maybe because i use the no cd crack ..... now i need a tool like resolution changer who can change the game resolution and version ,,,, cand someone help me or a crack 1.1

#27: von hizack (20.12.2007 09:06) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
I haven't tried any races yet after patching.

When I enter the cheat codes, it says the cheat codes are invalid.
I mean the 2 most important cheat codes: "unlockallthings" and "collectorsed&".

Why are the cheat codes invalid?
Have the been disabled?

#26: von No10 (20.12.2007 08:04) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
AMEN to that xxx17romn

#25: von xxx17romn (19.12.2007 21:57) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

i have instaled the patch ..... and i have played the 2 tracks but ,,,, no frame rate FIX ,,,, and in my car lot when i want to select or see the bugatti veyron and the mclaren f1 the game crushes ,,, or when i want to put a vinyl on any other car , the game crushes ,,,,, so people chill out ,,,, they will rellese the patch on their official site ,,, :P sometime i think just wait

#24: von titon (19.12.2007 21:53) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

For me too, only two new cars, and the game locked in 30FPS! Why? Where are they the other 14 cars?

#23: von Corp (19.12.2007 20:36) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

If you're using some kind of noCD thats the problem. You should put the original .exe then install the patch.

And I think there is a cheat code for all the cars like the code for v1.0 but it isn't released yet. At least I hope so.

#22: von kavit (19.12.2007 19:39) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
i think ea lied
i think we only get 2 new cars and 2 new tracks
and the other cars might only be AL

i havent still downloed the patch when i heard about the crushing the game

im going to wait for some time


#21: von No10 (19.12.2007 18:45) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
I still have problems with frame rate, this patch sucks

#20: von Smil3y (19.12.2007 17:03) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
What about the bug fixes or freeze fix patch??????

#19: von sasan50cent (19.12.2007 13:42) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
What the hell ?!?
when the patch is applying in the address bar , there is Bugatti Veyron and MaLaren F1 !
But You Can See This ! :

is there no Veyron or F1 in the game ?!?!

#18: von sasan50cent (19.12.2007 12:20) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
I've installed this patch :

it works on US DVD version .
the game version has been changed to 1.1 .
there are Seat Leon Cupra and Plymouth Roadrunner in the cor lot , but there are no Veyron or McLaren F1 or Carerra GT in the game .
What's the problem ?
Where are the supercars ?!

#17: von xxx17romn (19.12.2007 06:24) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
i have isntalled the ,,,,,, i enter the game but when i want to enter the carrer or an race day the game CRUSHES ~X( any ideeas ? how can i solve this problem???

#16: von JohnnyNFSCN (18.12.2007 21:38) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
same here. i'm glad to have the new tracks, but where shall i buy those supercars? just watch the AIs running behind and that's "NEW CAR"?

#15: von No10 (18.12.2007 21:19) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
And one more thing, It should be 1.1 version but my game still says 1.0...And yes, i really did install the patch

#14: von No10 (18.12.2007 21:18) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

i've downloaded this file, and it works now...BUT, i don't see any improvements, I need that shity frame rate fixed, but it's the same, man I'm losing my mind

#13: von JohnnyNFSCN (18.12.2007 20:10) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
for those who bought US DVD, try this patch:

well i've finished the four extra race days in career mode, fun, especailly the Leipzig Porsche Zentrum, and the Tokyo Bay Bridge where i can drive upto 400km/h lol

but anyone knows how to buy those supercars? i can buy Seat Leon only and others(R8, DB9, 911, Gallardo....) can only be seen in the race....

#12: von xxx17romn (18.12.2007 19:20) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

if someone can make it work .... pls let as know

#11: von No10 (18.12.2007 17:43) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
Hey, where did you find the US version of the patch, my game crashes everytime with the European patch too? Has anyone solved this problem yet?

#10: von sasan50cent (18.12.2007 16:31) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
I Have DVD Version .
What patch or booster pack will i install ?

#9: von JohnnyNFSCN (18.12.2007 16:16) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
maybe because what i bought was a US DVD version but i installed an European version patch? i'm reinstalling the game and will try the US version patch (this one? dlcpatchrelease_iso.exe)

#8: von gruschka (18.12.2007 16:02) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

Many crashes,
Nobody got to play after having installed the patch.
Does anybody already know as solving these bugs???

#7: von JohnnyNFSCN (18.12.2007 16:01) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
After installing the patch my game just crashes at the EA Logo screen

#6: von sasan50cent (18.12.2007 14:56) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
Booster Pack Released , it's 228MB .
Is Booster Pack Contains patch 1.1 ?
Booster Pack :

#5: von xxx17romn (18.12.2007 14:52) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

i have instaled the patch ..... and my game crashes .... send, don't send error ( any ideea ?

#4: von sasan50cent (18.12.2007 14:51) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
See This ! :

#3: von sasan50cent (18.12.2007 14:44) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
You mean that this patch contains Booster Pack ?!?!?
Does it contains Bug fixes ?
the game have so many bugs before .

#2: von Shocker (18.12.2007 14:10) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
Update: As it seems the booster pack is already included in this patch.


#1: von sasan50cent (18.12.2007 10:43) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
First Comment !
Thanks for the patch , release notes please .
When will Booster Pack Release ?

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